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Level up RPG characters, trade with other players and earn real money. LiteBringer is the first true Litecoin game!

LiteBringer is a free-to-play idle-RPG game made by CipSoft. By choosing the most suitable equipment and specializing a hero in a specific way, players can tackle increasingly difficult quests, defeat powerful bosses and gather valuable loot. Players level up a fighter, rogue or sorcerer in the imaginative fantasy world of Asirenia and eventually promote them to an advanced class that is even more powerful.

Game Info

Release Date: 15 Sep, 2020
Developer: CipSoft
Publisher: CipSoft
Genre: RPG, Free
Rating: 83/100


How to Download - LiteBringer

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: i3
GRAPHIC: Intel HD Graphics
HDD: 40 GB

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: i5
GRAPHIC: Intel HD Graphics
HDD: 40 GB

Game Features:

  • LiteBringer is developed by the makers of Tibia, a groundbreaking multiplayer role-playing game that’s online since 1997. Expect complex gameplay, innovative features and a lot of knowledge on how to keep a game exciting for decades.
  • Level up a fighter, rogue or sorcerer in an imaginative fantasy world, and promote them to an advanced class that’s even more powerful. Choose the best equipment for each task and send your heroes on increasingly difficult quests. Let them defeat mighty bosses for you and gather epic loot.
  • LiteBringer embraces the revolutionary potential of the blockchain like few games before. As a truly decentralized application, the whole game takes place in the Litecoin blockchain, with no servers involved, giving the players unprecedented control over the game.
  • Every move you make in the game is a transaction in the Litecoin blockchain that creates value. Every weapon, item and even your characters can be traded safely and without limits, thanks to the power of cryptocurrency. Make smarter decisions than the other players and earn money while enjoying the game.

LiteBringer Trailer

LiteBringer Review

5.2 Total Score
Very Good

LiteBringer is one of the first true blockchain games and the first game that fully operates on the Litecoin blockchain. Its decentralized architecture gives players a freedom and security that is unheard of in online gaming. Every move in the game is a transaction on the Litecoin blockchain. All weapons, resources and even characters are stored on the blockchain and can be transferred safely between players, letting them earn money while enjoying the game. The absence of a central server makes for a unique multiplayer experience which is giving players unprecedented control over the game and its economy. Ultimately, LiteBringer runs independently of its creators and will exist as long as there is a single miner in the network. Every monster is dedicated to an element, which has one strong and one weak counterpart. Every equipped item with these elements will give you a huge bonus or penalty in your effective power against this monster.

Very Good
User Rating: 1 (1 votes)