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Traverse a harmonious hand painted forest in this first person hike.

Sunlight is an indie adventure video game developed and published by Krillbite Studio. This is a short, vibrant and thought captivating exploration game, from the creators of Among the Sleep, Mosaic and The Plan. Journey into the uncharted forest, guided by the harmonised whispers of the trees. Each tree with different voices, genders and dialects, speaking as one. Everything is connected, and Sunlight is no different. For every copy of the game that is downloaded, a tree will be planted. Read more about the climate project on Sunlight’s Ecologi page.

Game Info

Release Date: 14 Jan, 2021
Developer: Krillbite Studio
Publisher: Krillbite Studio
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Rating: 80/100


Download - Sunlight

Where to download Sunlight?

You can download “Sunlight” game from Steam (paid download).

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: Intel i5 or better
GRAPHIC: Geforce 1050m or better

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: Intel i5 or better
GRAPHIC: Geforce 2060 or better

Game Features:

  • Sunlight will leave you feeling entranced and in wonder in this artistic approach to telling you a story.
  • Taking artistic inspiration from expressionist painters like Monet and Munch and focusing on a powerful 3D audio experience with breath-taking choir work.
  • Playtime: 30 minutes.

Sunlight Trailer

Sunlight Review

8 Total Score
Very Good

Sunlight is a thirty-minute walk through a beautiful forest enhanced by a wonderful Tchaikovsky arrangement. The trees guide you with gentle whispers, as you explore a philosophical story. It’s a decent entry in the walking sim genre. A magical, meditative experience that blends a surrealist painterly art style with majestic choral music and an imaginative narrative delivery, Sunlight is quite a special game. A short trip in the woods with beautiful visuals. Recommend it if you need a quiet yet still interactive experience. Great stuff!

Very Good
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